“Egy mai művész vallomása” - Bemutatjuk Omar Tomasoni ‘Intrada’ című új albumát.

Yamaha művész Omar Tomasoni már 2013 augusztustól a Concertgebouworkest Amsterdam első trombitása. Kiváló eredménnyel végzett bresciai konzervatóriumban és hamar a világ egyik legjobb zenekarába talált helyet mint első trombitás.

‘Intrada’ darabot, június 10-én mutatták be, ezért éltünk az alkalommal és beszélgettünk Omarral az új albumáról.

How do you prepare for a new recording project?

The preparation starts months before I enter the studio. I carefully analyse the pieces and scores, and I also listen to lots of other recordings of the repertoire. With the trumpet, I focus more on flexibility, agility, and articulation than I normally would for orchestral playing.

What’s it like at the very beginning when that recording light comes on and you have to start?

It’s stressful, but also very exciting. After all the preparation that’s involved, it’s good to finally get started.

How does recording compare to live performance?

It’s very different playing without the immediate feedback from a live audience and there’s always a risk of focussing too much on the technical aspects of the performance. But on the plus side, the recording process allows you to repeat parts and provides an opportunity to explore other approaches and ideas that you might have in mind.

What does the new album mean to you at this point in your career?

It means a lot. I didn’t really feel like recording for many years as I doubted that I was good enough and that the results would be interesting enough. It took a lot of courage for me to overcome these insecurities and now, I’m very glad I did. I’ve always considered myself to be an orchestra trumpet player, and, with this recording, I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this as well.

How did you choose the repertoire for the album, and do you have a favourite piece?

I wanted to record classic, well known trumpet repertoire, but also to include one new commission, ‘Intrada’, a piece for saxophone, trumpet and piano. I also chose pieces that challenged me to develop my playing by requiring me to work on my technical skills and improve them.

The new album ‘Intrada’ is released on Friday, 10th June 2022. I hope you will enjoy it!