The example programs are designed to assist ADVANCED programmers. The programming provided here is provided "as is" without technical support from Yamaha as an additional resource. Please contact AMX directly for information on AMX products, design software application and training.

Notice on Source Code

You are free to use this example source code in your own project. Please note that:

- The copyright contained in the source code remains the property of Yamaha.

- No responsibility is given for any programming which is modified in any way.

You may publish your source code containing some or all of this example programming publically (e.g. on a website or forum), but you do so at your own risk and must clearly credit Yamaha's programming and where relevant you must state clearly that the programming has been modified.


The following resources are advanced programming resources provided to assist experienced AMX programmers in the development of control systems to control Yamaha Commercial Audio products. They are provided in addition to the relevant control protocol documents for each product in order to save programming time and ease implementation.

This example program supports the products below:

- Digital Mixing Engine: DME64N, DME24N, DME Satellite

- Digital Installation Mixer: IMX644

- Digital Mixing Console: M7CL, LS9, 01V96

- Blu-Ray Player: BD-S2900

Please first consult the Setup Guide to get further information.


Modules written by AMX are available from the InConcert Resource Center on the AMX website. You may require a dealer login to access this part of the website. Please go to the "Partners" area and search devices.