Kiváló basszus koncertekre

A kompakt subwooferben számos Yamaha fejlesztésű technológi található például a Twisted Flare Port és az Advanced VST II (Yamaha aktív szervó technológia II).

Az eredmény szenzációs basszus hangkép, mely jelentősen növeli a zenehallgatás élményét.


Mélynyomó a billentyűs hangszerekhez

  • Az új Twisted Flare port tiszta, pontos mély hangzást biztosít.
  • Az advanced VST II (Yamaha aktív szervó technológia II)
  • 20 cm (8”) cone woofer
  • Stílusos kiegészítője bármely szobának

Enrich bass to your keyboard's speaker

KS-SW100 is compatible with Yamaha keyboard instrument shown below.

For the PSR-A3000/S970/S770/S670, please refer to below Master EQ setting for best sound balance.

For the PSR-A5000/SX900/SX700/SX600/S975/775, select "With Subwoofer" from the Master EQ presets.





New Twisted Flare Port Produces Clear and Tight Bass

The all-new Twisted Flare Port takes advantage of extensive subwoofer development experience. The flared, gently twisting shape diffuses the vortex of air generated around the edge of the port, creating a smooth flow of air. This reduces extraneous noise not present in the original input signal and provides clear, accurate low frequency reproduction. From special effect sounds in movies to the atmosphere of a live venue, you hear bass that is clear, tight and realistic.

Twisted Flare Port Movie

Advanced YST II for Awesome Deep Bass

Developed by Yamaha, the Advanced YST II (Yamaha Active Servo Technology II) combines negative-impedance and constant-current principles to drive the speaker cone with even tighter control than the previous version. Using Advanced Negative Impedance Converter (ANIC) circuits, this system dynamically optimizes effective speaker impedance to maintain excellent linearity. This means more stable and accurate low range response, not to mention higher sound quality.

Stylish Addition to Any Room

The gently rounded form with a slanted front surface presents a stylishly elegant appearance. Designed to be unobtrusive, It’s sure to look beautiful in a living room or home theatre room. Offered in black, walnut and white, so you can choose the model that best matches your other speakers.

Az ábrázolt színek és felületek eltérhetnek a termékek színeitől és felületeitől.